Press Breaker Job

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Press Breaker Job

PRESS BREAKER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Unloads pressed hardboard panels from hardboard pressing machine: Pushes buttons that activate elevator platform to facilitate worker access to tiers of hardboard pressing machine. 2. Inspects wood fiber mats to ensure specified position in pressing machine. 3. Breaks seals of pressed hardboard from pressing plates, using pry bar, and activates drive chain motors to eject hardboard panels from press into tiers of unloading machine. 4. Activates conveyor to unload hardboard panels onto panel stacker that stands panels on edge in humidifier cars. 5. Removes and weighs randomly selected hardboard panels from conveyor belt, and records weights on tally sheet to facilitate quality control. 6. Replaces weighed panels onto conveyor belt. 7. Pushes loaded humidifier carts into humidifier cabinet.


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