Preparation-room Worker Job

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Preparation-room Worker Job

PREPARATION-ROOM WORKER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Prepares asbestos, cotton, and synthetic fibers for use in manufacture of asbestos products, performing any combination of following duties: Assembles asbestos, cotton, and synthetic fibers, according to instructions, into lots for blending. 2. Feeds fibers into hopper or chute of duster, hammer mill, picker, or blending machine, using shovel or pitchfork. 3. Opens or closes gates of blower pipes to direct fiber from blending machine into handtrucks and trucks fiber to storage area or production department. 4. Fastens bags under spout of bin and trips lever to fill bags with fiber. 5. May be designated according to task performed as Blending-Machine Feeder; Picker Feeder; Stock Mixer.


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