Precision-lens Centerer And Edger Job

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Precision-lens Centerer And Edger Job

PRECISION-LENS CENTERER AND EDGER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates grinder to edge and bevel precision ophthalmic optical lenses: Reads work order or blueprint to determine edge specifications. 2. Selects lens holding tool of specified size and mounts tool in truing machine. 3. Starts machine and turns handwheel to move cutting tool into lens holding tool to true holding tool. 4. Applies heated pitch or other adhesive to lens holding tool and affixes lens on tool. 5. Passes beam of light through lens and repositions lens on holding tool until beam remains stationary to center lens on tool or centers lens, using collimator. 6. Secures holding tool and lens assembly in fixture of edge grinder. 7. Adjusts grinder for variables, such as speed, rate of feed, and depth and angle of cut. 8. Starts machine and turns handwheel to bring grinding wheel in contact with lens. 9. Observes machine operation; stops machine to measure lens edge, using precision measuring instruments, such as micrometers and calipers; and adjusts machine to grind and bevel edge to specifications. 10. May hold lens against grinding wheel to bevel edges to specified angle. 11. May set up machines for other workers and train workers to operate machines.


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