Precast Molder Job

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Precast Molder Job

PRECAST MOLDER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends portable concrete-mixing machine and handcasts ornamental and structural concrete building products, such as blocks, colored tile, simulated-brick facings, fireplace units, and reinforced roof and floor sections: Shovels sand, cement, gravel, or pumice into mixing machine. 2. Adds water and pigments as instructed and starts machine. 3. Dumps mix into wheelbarrow and pushes to casting room. 4. Brushes casting oil on molds to prevent adhesion of concrete. 5. Casts products by any of following methods: Places molds on vibrating table, shovels mix into molds, starts vibrator to settle concrete or pumice, levels surface of mix with wood bar, and carries filled molds to curing racks. 6. Shovels mix into floor molds and sets reinforcing steel rods into mix to cast fireplace, roof, or floor sections. 7. Dismantles forms after concrete has cured, using pry bar and wrench. 8. Places bricks into mold and pours concrete over bricks to form solid block. 9. Sets reinforcing rods in mix and clamps mold shut. 10. Removes forms after blocks are cured by releasing clamps or disassembling mold, using pry bar and wrench. 11. May be designated according to product cast as Brick Veneer Maker; Cement-Tile Maker.


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