Powered Bridge Specialist Job

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Powered Bridge Specialist Job

POWERED BRIDGE SPECIALIST JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates mobile military assault bridge vehicle and other power bridging equipment on land and water to position and connect bridge and raft sections across streams, rivers, and other water obstacles: Selects most suitable site for entering of streams and other water obstacles based on physical characteristics of water obstacles, such as depth, distance across, and swiftness of water, using depth charges, range indicators, and tide and current tables. 2. Manipulates driver’s controls and helm to start, stop, and steer vehicle and connects with other vehicles to form rafts and bridges. 3. Pumps water out of vehicle, using bilge pump. 4. Confers with other vehicle operators and unit personnel, using radio and interphone to provide information concerning progress of work, enemy troop movement, and similar tactical information.


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