Power-shovel Operator Job

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Power-shovel Operator Job

POWER-SHOVEL OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates power-driven machine, equipped with movable shovel, to excavate or move coal, dirt, rock, sand, and other materials: Receives written or oral instructions from supervisor regarding material to move or excavate. 2. Pushes levers and depresses pedals to move machine, to lower and push shovel into stockpiled material, to lower and dig shovel into surface of ground, and to lift, swing, and dump contents of shovel into truck, car, or onto conveyor, hopper, or stockpile. 3. Observes markings on ground, hand signals, or grade stakes to remove material, when operating machine at excavation site. 4. May tend mining machinery, such as pulverizer. 5. May be designated according to type of power unit as Diesel-Power-Shovel Operator; Electric-Power-Shovel Operator; Gasoline-Power-Shovel Operator. 6. May operate power shovel equipped with duck-bill scoop and be designated Duck-Bill Operator. 7. May operate power shovel which digs by pulling dipper toward machine and be designated Back-Hoe Operator. 8. May operate power shovel on which excavating bucket runs outward along horizontal boom to dig into materials and be designated Skimmer-Scoop Operator. 9. May operate power shovel designed to be converted to crane, skimmer scoop, backhoe, or dragline and be designated Convertible-Power-Shovel Operator.


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