Power-plant Operator Job

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Power-plant Operator Job

POWER-PLANT OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates boilers, turbines, generators, and auxiliary equipment at generating plant to produce electricity: Monitors control board and regulates equipment, according to procedures and information obtained from recording and indicating instruments. 2. Adjusts controls of water and cold feed systems, blowers, and igniters to start up or shut down boilers. 3. Controls operation of boiler auxiliary equipment, such as water and vacuum pumps, coal driers and pulverizers, steam condensers, and soot blowers, to ensure efficient operation of boilers. 4. Adjusts boiler controls to provide steam at specified temperature and pressure for turbine loads according to power demands. 5. Adjusts controls to regulate speed, voltage, and phase of incoming turbines to coincide with voltage and phase of power being generated. 6. Synchronizes incoming generating units with units in operation and closes circuit breaker at exact instant of coincidence. 7. Monitors gauges to determine effect of generator load on related equipment, such as bus bars and voltage regulators. 8. Adjusts transformer controls to regulate flow of power between generating stations and substations. 9. Operates switchgear to regulate and transfer power loads to protect maintenance workers engaged in repairing or cleaning equipment. 10. Records malfunctions of equipment, instruments, or controls on logsheet.


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Field Operator

Company: I-Talent
Job Details: A large and modern CCGT power plant. The Field Operator is responsible for the safe, reliable & efficient operation of the power plant field equipment which…

Plant Operator

Company: PAL Group of Companies
Job Details: The position requires a close and effective coordination with shift operators and supervisors. Ensure orderly shift change by communicating clearly issues and…

Reactor Operator (UAE National)

Company: Nawah Energy Company
Job Details: 0-2 Years of power plant experience, of which 1 year nuclear power plant experience and 6 months BNPP. Solid understanding of nuclear power plant design,…

Reactor Operator (PWR/BWR/CANDU)

Company: Nawah Energy Company
Job Details: Bachelor's Degree in Science or Engineering with 2years of power plant experience of which 1 year nuclear power plant experience and 6 months BNPP.


Company: SOS HR
Job Details: Our client, a leading company dealing in power and water energy is looking forward to recruit Control Room Operator for their plant location in Mirfa, Al Dhafra…

Shift Supervisor

Company: Nomac
Job Details: Knowledge of relevant plant equipment. Knowledge of power, water desalination, operational activities. 6 years’ experience in power and water desalination in a…

Allied Power International

Company: Allied Power
Job Details: Power Plant Environment-Work both inside and outside in all temperatures and climate conditions in accordance with Heat Stress procedures.

Senior Reactor Operator

Company: Thomas Thor Associates
Job Details: This is a permanent position to be based at Barakah Nuclear Power Plant. Analyze plant equipment parameters/ trends and direct prompt action to stabilize the…

Maintenance Electrician

Company: Inspire Integrated
Job Details: Assist with support in equipment maintenance areas and training plant operators in the effective use of the installed equipment.

Clearance Writer

Company: Nawah Energy Company
Job Details: Perform system walk down and check the status of plant operation (ensuring plant configuration control procedures are implemented during release of plant and…

Mechanical Maintenance Technicians

Job Details: Must have a minimum of 5 years of maintenance experience to deal with components in power plant or petroleum refinery*. Use Measuring and test Equipment *.

SRO Operations Instructors

Company: Enercon Services, Inc.
Job Details: All candidates will perform work at Barakah Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP). High School Diploma or equivalent with 3 years nuclear power plant experience preferred.

Senior Support Engineer

Company: Nawah Energy Company
Job Details: Review as needed plant, operating, testing, and other procedures in accordance with the license requirements to ensure regulatory and operational compliance.

Senior Site Engineer - PdM

Company: Nawah Energy Company
Job Details: Provide support to component engineering and system engineering at Barakah Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) with specialist skill and knowledge and also with coverage…

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