Power-barker Operator Job

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Power-barker Operator Job

POWER-BARKER OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machine that removes bark and dirt from logs by one of following methods: Starts conveyor to move logs from pond to drum of barking machine. 2. Moves lever to activate chains or start drum revolving to tumble logs and knock off bark. 3. Turns valve to regulate water spray that removes chips and dirt from log. 4. Breaks up log jams in drum, using peavey or pike pole and chain hoist. 5. Moves lever to activate kicker arms that kick log into machine cradle. 6. Turns controls that start log rotating between toothed gears that remove bark from log, and regulates and directs pressurized water jet to remove loose bark and dirt. 7. Turns levers to control movement and centering of log in jet ring and to regulate pressure of water jets. 8. Starts conveyors that carry logs from barking machine to saw deck. 9. May be designated according to machine operated as Drum-Barker Operator; Hydraulic-Barker Operator; Ring-Barker Operator.


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