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Perfumer Job

PERFUMER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Evaluates odors of aromatic chemicals to set production standards and ensure adherence by workers engaged in compounding and finishing operations: Directs workers engaged in preparation of work orders for compounding department and reviews batch sheets prepared for distillation department to ensure compliance with formulas devised in perfume laboratory. 2. Visits compounding and distillation areas and determines, by smelling, odor qualities of prepared materials. 3. Approves batches for finishing, from knowledge of odor characteristics and odor blends conforming with customer or laboratory standards. 4. Resmells sample in air-filtered room, using blotter strips dipped in aromatic chemicals to evaluate fragrances for specific characteristics, such as odor, body, harmony, strength, and permanence. 5. Compares odor and color of current sample with samples of previous batches. 6. Rejects batches not meeting criteria, and notifies distillation personnel to redistill product. 7. May devise production formulas and be designated Creative Perfumer.


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