Painter, Touch-up Job

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Painter, Touch-up Job

PAINTER, TOUCH-UP JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Brushes or sprays paint to cover scratches, chips, or repairs in painted finish of items, such as refrigerator cabinets, washing machines, or automobile bodies: Cleans and prepares surface for painting, using water, solvent, and scraper. 2. Applies thin, even coat of finish material, such as paint or lacquer, to sanded area, using spray gun. 3. Sprays lacquer or thinner material over finish coats to blend in spots and eliminate halo around repair. 4. Paints chipped spots with brush. 5. Compares color of paint supply with color chart and workpiece and remixes it to match standard colors. 6. Maintains spray painting equipment. 7. May mark identifying code on workpiece to indicate destination for further processing.


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2020 Related Job Vacancies for Painter, Touch-up Job in Dubai UAE


Company: SKM Air Conditioning LLC
Job Details: Responsible to perform manual spray touch up painting in powder coating plant and manual spray painting outside the powder coating plant.

Spray Painter For Joinery

Company: Ray Fit Out & Interiors LLC
Job Details: Experienced Spray Painter required immediately for an Interior Fit-Out Company. Operate a spray painter to apply industrial paint finishes on wood products.

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