Oil-well-service Operator Job

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Oil-well-service Operator Job

OIL-WELL-SERVICE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Controls pumping and blending equipment to acidize, cement, or fracture gas or oil wells and permeable rock formations: Consults with SUPERINTENDENT, DRILLING AND PRODUCTION to determine well conditions, pipe sizes, and amounts of acid, cement, or fracturing chemicals to be used. 2. Gives directions to OIL-WELL-SERVICE-OPERATOR HELPER to unload pipes, fittings, and chemicals, and to correct pipes between pumps and well, using handtools. 3. Mixes acids, chemicals or dry cement according to service specified by customer. 4. Observes meters and pressure gauges to regulate quantity and consistency of materials and to control pump pressure. 5. May perform routine maintenance on vehicles and equipment. 6. May be designated according to specialty as Acidizer; Acidizer, Water Well; Cementer, Oil Well; Formation-Fracturing Operator.


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