Music Therapist Job

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Music Therapist Job

MUSIC THERAPIST JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Plans, organizes, and directs medically prescribed music therapy activities as part of mental and physical health care and treatment of patients to influence behavioral and psychological changes leading to restoration, maintenance, and improvement of health and increased comprehension of self, environment, and physical ability: Collaborates with other members of rehabilitation team in planning music activities in accordance with patients’ physical or psychological needs, capabilities, and interests. 2. Develops treatment plan, using individualized needs assessment, depending on focus of therapy, such as hospice, psychiatric, or obstetrics. 3. Directs and participates in instrumental and vocal music activities designed to meet patients’ physical or psychological needs, such as solo or group singing, rhythmic and other creative music activities, music listening, or attending concerts. 4. Instructs patients individually or in groups in prescribed instrumental or vocal music and music projective techniques, such as guided imagery, progressive relaxation, awareness of conscious feelings, or musically intergraded Lamaze Method. 5. Studies and analyzes patients’ reactions to various experiences and prepares reports describing symptoms indicative of progress or regression. 6. Submits periodic reports to treatment team or physician to provide clinical data for evaluation. 7. May oversee practicum and approved internships.


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