Machine Operator, General Job

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Machine Operator, General Job

MACHINE OPERATOR, GENERAL JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends automatic and semiautomatic machines that punch holes, trim or notch envelope ends, and affix clasps, reinforcing patches, and snap fasteners and string or wire ties to envelopes: Turns screws to adjust guides and stops of machines, such as clasp, eyeletter, patch, tension, and thumb cut to accommodate specified size envelopes, using handtools. 2. Pours clasps, eyelets, snap fasteners, or other envelope parts into machine hoppers and mounts rolls of patching or reinforcing tape on machine spindles. 3. Positions envelopes on feed bed or under operating heads of machines against guides and stops. 4. Depresses hand or foot levers to actuate machines. 5. Removes completed envelopes and packs them in carton or box.


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