Machine Feeder Job

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Machine Feeder Job

MACHINE FEEDER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Feeds metal components and removes finished assemblies from brazing, soldering, or welding machines or furnaces: Places or clamps workpieces into holding fixtures, or onto heating fixtures, trays, or conveyor in specified order. 2. Positions preformed piece of brazing alloy between edges of parts and brushes flux along seams of workpiece. 3. Removes finished assemblies after they have passed through heated induction coil and furnace, between electrodes, or over gas flame, and through cooling chamber or water. 4. May feed bonding wire and powdered or liquid flux into machine which brushes flux and feeds wire to seams of workpiece. 5. May load components into hopper of machine which automatically positions them into fixtures. 6. May examine finished parts and separate defective pieces. 7. May be designated by machine fed as Brazing-Furnace Feeder; Brazing-Machine Feeder; Soldering-Machine Feeder; Welding-Machine Feeder.


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