Loading-unit Operator Job

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Loading-unit Operator Job

LOADING-UNIT OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machines that load small arms cartridge cases with powder and bullets and crimps cases, working as member of team: Places powder dispensing plate in machine fixture and pushes lever that moves plate under machine hopper to fill holes in plate with powder and return it automatically. 2. Clamps plate of cartridge cases over powder plate and turns over assembly to dump powder into cases. 3. Taps dispensing plate with mallet to dislodge powder residue and removes plate. 4. Measures powder-filled cases, using special gauge, to verify cases are filled. 5. Positions plate of bullets over plate of cartridge cases and pulls bottom slide in bullet plate to drop bullets into cases. 6. Positions cartridge plate on press and pushes lever to lower punches that seat bullets to specified depth in cartridge cases. 7. Places plate of cartridges on press bed and pushes lever to lower crimping block that crimps cartridge cases around bullets. 8. Removes plate from press and examines cartridges for defects, such as dented points, scratches, and loose bullets. 9. Measures samples with fixed gauges to verify conformance to specifications. 10. May be designated according to machine unit tended as Loading-Unit Operator, Crimping; Loading-Unit Operator, Powder Charging; Loading-Unit Operator, Seating.


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