Light-bulb Assembler Job

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Light-bulb Assembler Job

LIGHT-BULB ASSEMBLER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends variety of machines that assemble electric light bulbs, performing any combination of following tasks: Feeds parts and materials, such as lead and fuse wires, glass tubing, flares, and getter fluid, into machine that automatically shapes and combines them to make mounts. 2. Observes completed mounts for faulty combination of parts and assists mechanic in locating defect in machine. 3. Records number of damaged mounts. 4. Examines machine conveyors for jammed or defective parts when signal indicates stoppage. 5. Removes jammed or defective parts, using tweezers. 6. Feeds glass bulbs and mounts into machine that inserts and seals mount in bulb. 7. Inserts and arranges wire protruding through neck of bulb in cement-filled base as bulb passes on conveyor to basing machine. 8. Observes basing operation as machine carries bulb through series of burners which bake cement, past knives which cut off excess wires, and soldering irons which solder contact points at bottom and side of base. 9. Inspects completed lamp for identification markings, freedom from dirt and cracks, and to determine condition of filament, using tinted glass. 10. Removes excess solder from base of lamp, using knife. 11. Places defective lamps in salvage bin. 12. Puts lamp in corrugated paper case and packs lamp in carton. 13. Inserts slip identifying contents in carton and places carton on conveyor. 14. Feeds completed stem into annealer to remove glass strains resulting from stem making. 15. Manually places bulb over mount prior to sealing. 16. Removes air impurities from bulb. 17. Secures bases to bulbs in oven where cement is automatically applied and dried. 18. Secures bases to ends of fluorescent light tubes. 19. May be designated according to operation performed as Baser; Sealer. 20. May tend machine that cuts off part of light bulb necks and be designated Neck Cutter.


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