Lead Handler Job

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Lead Handler Job

LEAD HANDLER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Performs any combination of following duties in shot tower to facilitate production of small arms ammunition: Unloads lead pigs from freight car and conveys and stacks them, using electric forklift truck. 2. Loads specified proportions of lead and antimony-lead pigs onto conveyor, using electric hoist. 3. Opens and closes valves, using metal hook, to direct conveyor flow of scrap shot to designated storage bins at top of shot tower. 4. Lights fires under lead melting kettles and dross converter. 5. Dumps or shovels scrap lead or dross into kettles or converter. 6. Skims dross from molten lead, using skimming ladle. 7. Removes dross from converter, using rake and hoe.


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