Gauge-and-weigh-machine Operator Job

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Gauge-and-weigh-machine Operator Job

GAUGE-AND-WEIGH-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machine that gauges and weighs cartridges and examines cartridges for defects: Scoops handful of cartridges from bin and arranges them with heads in one direction. 2. Rolls cartridges from hand to hand and examines them for such defects as dents, scratches, and missing or inverted primers. 3. Places acceptable cartridges on inclined chute for gravity feeding into gauging and weighing mechanisms. 4. Starts machine and observes operation to detect jamming. 5. Removes misaligned cartridges from gravity chute, using special hook tool. 6. Moves lever to eject jammed cartridges. 7. Notifies GAUGE-AND-WEIGH-MACHINE ADJUSTER of machine malfunction. 8. May examine cartridges carried past work station in nests of rotating conveyor table and press button to drop out defective cartridges. 9. May tend machine that gauges but does not weigh cartridges and be designated Gauging-Machine Operator.


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