Gauge-and-weigh-machine Adjuster Job

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Gauge-and-weigh-machine Adjuster Job

GAUGE-AND-WEIGH-MACHINE ADJUSTER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up machines to measure and weigh loaded cartridges: Turns setscrews and nuts to adjust and synchronize feeding, gauging, weighing, and ejection mechanisms, using handtools, and master cartridge and fixed gauges to verify settings. 2. Starts machine and inspects sample cartridges for conformance to weight and size specifications. 3. Disassembles machine to replace worn or broken parts or to install parts to accommodate specific size or type of cartridge, using handtools. 4. Tags trays of rejected cartridges, indicating reason for rejection, and routes them to other workers for reinspection or salvage. 5. Cleans and lubricates equipment. 6. Gives instructions to new workers for operating machine.


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