Cottage-cheese Maker Job

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Cottage-cheese Maker Job

COTTAGE-CHEESE MAKER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Controls equipment to make cottage cheese from milk: Washes cheese vat and tools with sterilizing solution and rinse water. 2. Turns valves and observes meters to convey specified amounts of milk and culture into vat. 3. May add rennet to coagulate milk, and dye to tint curd. 4. Turns steam and water valves and observes thermometer and clock to heat milk for specified time and at specified temperature to incubate culture. 5. Starts agitator in vat and stirs ingredients, using paddle. 6. Tests sample of whey for acidity and cuts curd with knife to allow seepage of whey. 7. Observes thermometer and adjusts steam and water valves to cook curd at slowly increasing temperature. 8. Feels and breaks sample of curd to determine when it is sufficiently cooked. 9. Turns cold water and drain valves or sprays curd with chlorinated water to wash curd and remove whey. 10. When making baker’s cheese, drains uncooked whole curd from vat into porous bags to remove whey and dumps curd into blending machine to distribute residual moisture. 11. When making creamed cottage cheese, adds cream and stirs with paddle or starts agitator. 12. Records processing steps. 13. May taste cheese for salt and acid content. 14. May pasteurize milk. 15. May make culture.


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