Costumer Job

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Costumer Job

COSTUMER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Selects and fits costumes for cast members according to style of historical period and characters to be portrayed: Analyzes script or reviews analysis of SUPERVISOR, COSTUMING to determine locale of story and number of costumes required for each character. 2. Studies books, pictures, and examples of costumes to determine styles worn during specified period in history. 3. Inventories stock to determine types and condition of costuming available and selects costumes based on script analysis and studies. 4. Examines costume on cast member and sketches or writes notes designating alterations. 5. Makes minor alterations and repairs to costume by hand, or using sewing machine. 6. Sends costume to tailor for major alterations or repairs. 7. May design and construct unusual costumes, applying creative ingenuity. 8. May press and spot-clean costumes, using electric iron and cleaning fluid. 9. May purchase or rent costumes and other wardrobe accessories.


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