Cork Molder Job

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Cork Molder Job

CORK MOLDER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Performs any combination of following duties, as crewmember, to cast and bake ground cork mixture into slabs: Lubricates mold to prevent mixture from adhering to sides, using spray gun or oil-soaked rags. 2. Weighs and dumps specified quantity of mixture into mold; or opens overhead storage outlet to fill mold with mixture. 3. Lifts and places pressure plate on mold and inserts holding pins to secure plate. 4. Moves mold under hydraulic press, using chain hoist. 5. Presses button to lower ram that exerts pressure on plate and compresses mixture to prescribed density and hardness. 6. Releases ram, pulls holding pins from mold, and pries off pressure plate, using pinchbar. 7. Fastens monorail hoist to mold frame and pushes mold into oven. 8. Observes gauges and moves controls to maintain predetermined oven temperature. 9. Removes mold from oven and cast slab from mold, after specified time. 10. May be designated according to specific task performed as Mold Filler; Mold Hoister; Mold Sprayer.


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