Coremaker Job

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Coremaker Job

COREMAKER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Makes sand cores used in molds to form holes or hollows in metal castings: Cleans core box with blast of compressed air. 2. Dusts parting sand over inside of core box to facilitate removal of finished core. 3. Partially fills core box with sand by pulling cord that releases sand from overhead chute or by using hands or shovel. 4. Compacts sand in core box, using hands, hand rammer, and air rammer. 5. Bends reinforcing wires by hand, and inserts them in sand. 6. Fills core box and rams sand in tightly. 7. Inverts core box onto metal plate, and lifts box from sand core. 8. Patches cracked or chipped places on core and smooths core surfaces, using spoon and trowel. 9. May bake cores to harden them. 10. May assemble cores. 11. May work at bench making small cores and be designated Coremaker, Bench; or make large cores on floor of foundry and be designated Coremaker, Floor.


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