Core Layer, Plywood Layup Line Job

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Core Layer, Plywood Layup Line Job

CORE LAYER, PLYWOOD LAYUP LINE JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Removes glue-coated veneer sheets from conveyor of plywood-layup line machine and stacks them in sequence to form plywood panels, working as member of team: Presses pedals to activate chain conveyor that conveys stack of caul boards to discharge end of machine and to raise lift table to working level to facilitate assembly of plywood panels. 2. Places caul board on lift table to protect surface of face sheet in bottom panel. 3. Places preglued face sheets, crossbands, core stock, and back sheets in sequence on lift table as they are discharged from machine to form plywood panels. 4. Discards detected unusable sheets, such as broken or split sheets, to prevent assembly of defective panels. 5. Presses pedal and button to lower completed stack of plywood panels to chain conveyor and to convey stack to hot-plate plywood press.


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