Contour Wire Specialist, Denture Job

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Contour Wire Specialist, Denture Job

CONTOUR WIRE SPECIALIST, DENTURE JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Makes and repairs contoured wire frames and retainers for teeth used in partial dentures, using power tools and handtools: Examines model of oral impression and reads DENTIST’S prescription to determine design of wire frame. 2. Marks pencil tracings on surface of model to indicate position of wire clasps, using surveyor. 3. Cuts wire to specified lengths, using wirecutter. 4. Bends and shapes wire around tooth impressions or along base of model, using pliers, knife, and tweezers. 5. Applies investment to wire sections and model to hold sections in alignment, using spatula. 6. Welds or solders wire joints, using special welding and soldering tools. 7. Removes investment. 8. Grinds and polishes wire frame to lustrous finish, using electric grinding and polishing wheel. 9. Reworks or replaces wire sections and missing teeth to repair partial dentures, using acrylic bonding agent. 10. Fabricates wire retainers to straighten teeth, using pliers, tweezers, and similar handtools. 11. Inspects work for adherence to DENTIST’S specifications.


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