Contour-band-saw Operator, Vertical Job

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Contour-band-saw Operator, Vertical Job

CONTOUR-BAND-SAW OPERATOR, VERTICAL JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates vertical contour-band saw to cut straight, curved, irregular, or internal patterns in metal or plastic stock, according to specifications, utilizing knowledge of sawing techniques: Reads work order or blueprints to locate cutting layout lines on stock, to determine dimensions and tolerances, and to determine metal to be cut, type of blade to be used, blade tension, cutting speed, feed rate, table angle, and positions of table stops and guides. 2. Relieves saw blade support and drive-wheel tension, using handtools. 3. Places saw blade over wheels and resets tension to change blade and adjust tension. 4. Turns controls to set prescribed cutting speed, feed rate, and table angle. 5. Loosens table stops and guides, using handtools, and positions them to align and secure workpiece. 6. Places stock on cutting table, either manually or using hoist, and clamps it into position. 7. Cuts saw blade, threads it through hole drilled in stock, welds blade together, using butt-welding attachment, and files weld smooth to cut internal pattern in stock. 8. Starts saw and manually guides stock along layout lines to cut pattern, or engages automatic feed to cut straight line. 9. Turns control to start airflow to blow metal cuttings away from kerf. 10. Verifies conformance to specifications, using ruler, calipers, fixed gauges, templates, and micrometers. 11. May make precision cuts, using magnifier to see layout lines. 12. May calculate and mark layout lines, according to product specifications. 13. May be required to have experience with particular product or size, type or trade name of machine.


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