Contact Printer, Printed Circuit Boards Job

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Contact Printer, Printed Circuit Boards Job

CONTACT PRINTER, PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Prints circuit image on photoresist film-laminated panels for use in fabricating printed circuit boards, using contact printer: Aligns one or more circuit negative films with film-laminated circuit board panel in drawer of contact printer vacuum frame. 2. Activates printer controls to create vacuum and secure negative film against circuit board panel. 3. Activates printer to expose negative and panel film to ultraviolet light and transfer circuit image onto panel film. 4. Lifts drawer cover and removes PCB panel and negative. 5. May measure light intensity of contact printer, using exposure meter, tapes, or radiometer, and adjust exposure time according to specifications. 6. May secure negative and panel in vacuum frame, using jig or tape. 7. May examine printed panels for defects in printed circuit. 8. May feed circuit board panels into machine that develops exposed circuit pattern on panels. 9. May tend equipment that laminates photoresist film to circuit board panels. 10. May print circuit pattern on dry photoresist film for use in manufacturing double-sided and flexible PCB’s and be designated Contact Printer, Dry Film.


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