Contact Printer, Photoresist Job

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Contact Printer, Photoresist Job

CONTACT PRINTER, PHOTORESIST JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Prints reticles or patterns on optical lenses, metal films, and other materials used in optical instruments, using printing equipment: Cleans material surfaces to facilitate adherence of photoresist solution, using solvents and pumice. 2. Pours, brushes, or sprays photoresist solution onto material or dips material into photoresist tank to apply coating. 3. Places material into drier to set photoresist. 4. Positions material in vacuum printer, using handtools, such as tweezers and vacuum probe. 5. Positions and aligns reticle pattern or mask over top of material, using binocular microscope, and activates vacuum to hold assembly in alignment. 6. Sets printer time controls for specified exposure period and activates printer that exposes photoresist to light to print pattern onto material. 7. Develops photoresist image on material, using developing solution, and places printed material into drier. 8. May etch printed material, using etching equipment, or fill surfaces to specified thickness, using vacuum deposition equipment, to create reticle or pattern on material. 9. May prepare photo masks for reticle-making process, using photographic equipment. 10. May strip photoresist from material after etching or filling.


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