Contact-acid-plant Operator Job

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Contact-acid-plant Operator Job

CONTACT-ACID-PLANT OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends automatic equipment that produces sulfuric acid by contact process: Turns valves and moves levers to start and stop flow of liquids and gases through converter, heat exchangers, absorber, cooler, and related equipment as indicated. 2. Monitors lights, gauges, and recording instruments on control panel to determine that temperature, steam pressure, and flow of materials through system conform to plant standards. 3. Patrols equipment area and records gauge readings at specified intervals for operating log. 4. Collects sample of product for laboratory analysis and performs tests to determine specific gravity and percentage of sulfuric acid being processed. 5. Periodically examines emission exits to determine that anti-pollution standards are met.


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