Construction Worker Ii Job

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Construction Worker Ii Job

CONSTRUCTION WORKER II JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Performs any combination of following tasks, such as erecting, repairing, and wrecking buildings and bridges; installing waterworks, locks, and dams; grading and maintaining railroad right-of-ways and laying ties and rails; and widening, deepening, and improving rivers, canals, and harbors, requiring little or no independent judgment: Digs, spreads, and levels dirt and gravel, using pick and shovel. 2. Lifts, carries, and holds building materials, tools, and supplies. 3. Cleans tools, equipment, materials, and work areas. 4. Mixes, pours, and spreads concrete, asphalt, gravel, and other materials, using handtools. 5. Joins, wraps, and seals sections of pipe. 6. Performs variety of routine, nonmachine tasks, such as removing forms from set concrete, filling expansion joints with asphalt, placing culvert sections in trench, assembling sections of dredge pipeline, removing wallpaper, and laying railroad track. 7. Many of these jobs are not full time; project size and organization of work determine whether workers spend their time on one job or transfer from task to task as project progresses to completion. 8. Some workers habitually work in one branch of industry, whereas others transfer according to availability of work or on seasonal basis. 9. Work is usually performed with other workers. 10. May be designated according to specific work performed as Air-Hammer Operator; Asphalt-Plant Worker; Asphalt Raker; Backer-Up; Bell-Hole Digger; Brick Cleaner. 11. May be designated: Bricklayer Helper; Brick-Paving Checker; Cage Tender; Carpenter Helper, Hardwood Flooring; Cement-Mason Helper; Clamper; Cold Patcher; Concrete-Pump-Operator Helper; Concrete-Vibrator Operator; Connector Hand; Crank Hand; Crushed-Stone Grader; Curb-Setter Helper; Dope Pourer; Dredge Pipe Installer; Dump Grader; Filter-Bed Placer; Floor-Finisher Helper; Floor-Layer Helper; Form-Setter Helper; Form Stripper; Form Tamper; Grader; Grade Tamper; Grouter Helper; Hod Carrier; Hoosier Pole Hand; Inserter; Joint Filler; Laborer, Batching Plant; Laborer, Bituminous Paving; Laborer, Cement-Gun Placing; Laborer, Concrete Paving; Laborer, Corrugated-Iron-Culvert Placing; Laborer, Electric Power And Transmission Line; Laborer, Heading; Laborer, Pile Driving, Ground Work; Laborer, Pipeline; Laborer, Plumbing; Laborer, Road; Laborer, Shaft Sinking; Laborer, Shore Dredging; Laborer, Steel Handling; Laborer, Stone Block Ramming; Laborer, Wrecking and Salvaging; Loft Worker, Pile Driving; Material Hauler; Miner Helper; Mixer, Hand, Cement Gun; Mold Maker; Mortar Mixer; Mucker; Mucker, Cofferdam; Mud-Jack Nozzle Worker; Oil Sprayer; Painter Helper; Paperhanger, Pipe; Paper Latcher; Paper Spooler; Paving-Bed Maker; Paving Rammer; Pipe-Layer Helper; Pipe-Machine Operator; Plasterer Helper; Portable Grout-Mixer Operator; Puddler, Pile Driving; Reinforcing-Iron-Worker Helper; Reinforcing-Steel Worker, Wire Mesh; Riprap Placer; Roofer Helper; Roofer Helper, Vinyl Coating; Sheeting Puller; Sheet-Pile-Hammer Operator; Skip Tender, Concrete Mixing or Batch Plant; Slicer; Squeegee Finisher; Stain Remover; Stone-And-Concrete Washer; Stonemason Helper; Stone Unloader; Structural-Steel-Worker Helper; Subgrade Tester; Track Layer; Track-Repairer Helper; Trench Trimmer, Fine; Wallpaper Remover, Steam; Wall Washer; Waterproofer Helper; Well Digger; White Washer.


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