Construction Worker I Job

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Construction Worker I Job

CONSTRUCTION WORKER I JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Performs any combination of following duties on construction projects, usually working in utility capacity, by transferring from one task to another where demands require worker with varied experience and ability to work without close supervision: Measures distances from grade stakes, drives stakes, and stretches tight line. 2. Bolts, nails, aligns, and blocks up under forms. 3. Signals operators of construction equipment to facilitate alignment, movement, and adjustment of machinery to conform to grade specifications. 4. Levels earth to fine grade specifications, using pick and shovel. 5. Mixes concrete, using portable mixer. 6. Smooths and finishes freshly poured cement or concrete, using float, trowel, or screed. 7. Positions, joins, aligns, and seals pipe sections. 8. Erects scaffolding, shoring, and braces. 9. Mops, brushes, or spreads paints or bituminous compounds over surfaces for protection. 10. Sprays materials such as water, sand, steam, vinyl, paint, or stucco through hose to clean, coat, or seal surfaces. 11. Applies caulking compounds by hand or with caulking gun to seal crevices. 12. Grinds, sands, or polishes surfaces, such as concrete, marble, terrazzo, or wood flooring, using abrasive tools or machines. 13. Performs variety of tasks involving dextrous use of hands and tools, such as demolishing buildings, sawing lumber, dismantling forms, removing projections from concrete, mounting pipe hangers, and cutting and attaching insulating material. 14. Work is usually performed with other workers. 15. May be designated according to duties performed as Batterboard Setter; Billboard-Erector Helper; Bricklayer, Paving Brick; Caulker. 16. May be designated: Carpenter Helper, Maintenance; Cement Mason, Highways And Streets; Cement Sprayer, Nozzle; Concrete-Wall-Grinder Operator; Corrugated-Sheet-Material Sheeter; Cradle Placer; Dampproofer; Drain Layer; Duct Installer; Fine Grader; Fitter; Floor Finisher; Floor-Sanding-Machine Operator; Form-Builder Helper; Form Setter, Metal-Road Forms; Form Setter, Steel Forms; Form Setter, Steel-Pan Forms; Foundation-Drill-Operator Helper; Glazier Helper; Ground Wirer; Holder, Pile Driving; Hydrant-And-Valve Setter; Insulation Installer; Joist Setter, Adjustable Steel; Laborer, Adjustable Steel Joist; Laborer, Carpentry; Laborer, Carpentry Dock; Layer-Out, Plate Glass; Lightning Rod Erector; Ornamental-Iron-Worker Helper; Painter, Rough; Painter, Structural Steel; Paint-Striping-Machine Operator; Permastone Dresser; Pile-Driving Setter; Pipe Caulker; Pipe Layer; Pipeline Worker; Plumber Helper; Pointer, Caulker, And Cleaner; Pump-Erector Helper; Receiver Setter; Roofer, Vinyl Coating; Seat Installer; Septic-Tank Servicer; Sewer Tapper; Shorer; Stone Polisher; Tapping-Machine Operator; Tuck Pointer; Waterproofer; Well-Drill-Operator Helper, Cable Tool; Well-Drill-Operator Helper, Rotary Drill; Wrecker.


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