Construction-equipment Mechanic Job

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Construction-equipment Mechanic Job

CONSTRUCTION-EQUIPMENT MECHANIC JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Analyzes malfunctions and repairs, rebuilds, and maintains construction equipment, such as cranes, power shovels, scrapers, paving machines, motor graders, trench-digging machines, conveyors, bulldozers, dredges, pumps, compressors and pneumatic tools: Operates and inspects machines or equipment to diagnose defects. 2. Dismantles and reassembles equipment, using hoists and handtools. 3. Examines parts for damage or excessive wear, using micrometers and gauges. 4. Replaces defective engines and subassemblies, such as transmissions. 5. Tests overhauled equipment to ensure operating efficiency. 6. Welds broken parts and structural members. 7. May direct workers engaged in cleaning parts and assisting with assembly and disassembly of equipment. 8. May repair, adjust, and maintain mining machinery, such as stripping and loading shovels, drilling and cutting machines, and continuous mining machines, and be designated Mine-Machinery Mechanic.


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