Conservator, Artifacts Job

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Conservator, Artifacts Job

CONSERVATOR, ARTIFACTS JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Cleans, restores, and preserves archeological specimens and historical artifacts according to accepted chemical and physical techniques and training in archeological science: Cleans and repairs or reinforces specimens, such as weapons, mummified remains, and pottery, using handtools and prescribed chemical agents. 2. Restores artifacts by polishing, joining together broken fragments, or other procedures, using handtools, power tools, and acid, chemical, or electrolytic corrosion-removal baths. 3. Treats specimens to prevent or minimize deterioration, according to accepted procedures. 4. Records treatment of each artifact. 5. Prepares reports of activities. 6. May plan and conduct research to improve methods of restoring and preserving specimen.


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