Conservation Technician Job

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Conservation Technician Job

CONSERVATION TECHNICIAN JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Repairs and cleans art objects, such as pottery, statuary, etchings, or tapestries, to restore art objects’ natural appearance: Studies descriptive information on object or conducts standard chemical and physical tests to determine such factors as age, composition, and original appearance, and plans methods or procedures for restoring object. 2. Cleans object or broken pieces, using such methods as scraping and applying solvents to metal objects; washing statuary, using soap solutions; or cleaning and polishing furniture and silver objects. 3. Repairs objects, using glue or solder, to assemble broken pieces, buffing assembled object where repaired, or repainting faded or incomplete designs with paint of same chemical composition and color in order to restore original appearance. 4. Notifies superior when problem of restoration requires outside experts. 5. Fabricates or repairs picture frames for paintings, using handtools and power tools and machines. 6. Mounts pictures in frames.


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