Concrete-vault Maker Job

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Concrete-vault Maker Job

CONCRETE-VAULT MAKER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Casts concrete burial vaults: Places vault handles in lid mold, lifts mold sides, and inserts pin to secure mold sides. 2. Pulls lid handles through mold slots and inserts wedge to secure lid handles. 3. Lifts bottom mold sides and secures sides, using pins and hammer. 4. Greases top edge of mold inner core to prevent concrete seepage from mold. 5. Positions concrete bucket over molds, using electric hoist, and pulls lever to empty concrete into molds. 6. Slides pneumatic vibrator into mold socket to settle concrete in molds. 7. Smooths top of concrete, using screed and trowel. 8. Removes pins from bottom mold sides, and pulls sides of bottom mold down, using hammer and pry bar, to separate mold from vault. 9. Pulls lever to relax inner core mold to permit vault removal. 10. Removes securing pin to lower lid mold sides. 11. Scarifies lid surface and applies and stipples finishing cement to decorate lid, using scarifier and brush. 12. Transfers vault bottom and lid to spraying area, using hoist. 13. Sprays vault with asphalt and colored paints to protect and decorate vault. 14. Applies sealing compound to vault lid, using trowels. 15. Hoists vault bottom and lid onto truck. 16. Delivers vault to grave site, and lowers vault into ground.


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