Concrete-stone Fabricator Job

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Concrete-stone Fabricator Job

CONCRETE-STONE FABRICATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Casts mixture of concrete and aggregate in mold to form plain or decorative structural panels according to specifications and approved samples: Fits wooden sides of mold together and fastens them in place with wood clamps and bolts, using power wrench. 2. Sprays or brushes acid and oil solution on inside of mold to prevent concrete from adhering to mold and to retard setting of concrete. 3. Shovels and spreads mixed concrete and facing aggregate into mold and tamps mix with pneumatic vibrator to distribute facing evenly and to form facing of required thickness. 4. Positions and fastens reinforcing materials, such as steel rods, wire mesh, hanger plates, and hoisting hooks in mold by hand, following specifications, using rule, gauges, wrenches, and wood clamps. 5. Places hoist chain hooks in position on hopper filled with concrete backing mixture and moves controls of hoist to lift and position hopper over mold. 6. Pushes hand lever of hopper to release backing mixture into mold and tamps mixture with pneumatic vibrator. 7. Puddles and levels off casting, using wooden screed, and smooths surface with trowel. 8. Unbolts wood clamps, using power wrench, and removes sides of mold by hand. 9. Inserts overhead crane hooks in hoisting hook and presses hoist control buttons to lift casting and strikes mold, using rubber hammer, to separate casting from mold. 10. Lowers casting onto skids and transports castings to storage area, using hydraulic lift truck. 11. Brushes and scrapes concrete from sides and bottom of mold preparatory to next casting. 12. May cast colored floor and roof slabs, highway dividers, ornamental flower pots, and grave markers.


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