Concrete-pipe-making-machine Operator Job

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Concrete-pipe-making-machine Operator Job

CONCRETE-PIPE-MAKING-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machine that casts concrete draintile or pipe by either of following methods: Positions metal mold specified for pipe size on floor stand of machine beneath core and spout. 2. Lowers core into mold and pulls overhead tamping bar into position in mold. 3. Starts machine to rotate mold and activate tamping bar. 4. Releases supply of wet concrete from hopper into mold. 5. Trowels concrete at top of filled mold to level off end of pipe. 6. Stops machine for removal of mold by PIPE STRIPPER. 7. Positions and bolts pallet rings specified for pipe size to turntable and bottom of feed table. 8. Positions and screws packer head on drive shaft. 9. Resets trip lever to adjust feed table height. 10. Starts machine which lowers packer head into mold and conveys supply of concrete to feed table. 11. Rakes concrete from feed table into mold as packer head rises and descends to tamp concrete in mold. 12. Steps on pedal to rotate turntable for automatic removal of filled mold and positioning of empty mold. 13. Feels concrete and signals worker to increase or decrease moisture of mixture. 14. May be designated according to type of product made as Drain-Tile Machine Operator; or according to type of machine tended as Packerhead-Machine Operator.


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