Concrete-pipe Maker Job

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Concrete-pipe Maker Job

CONCRETE-PIPE MAKER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Casts concrete pipes and manhole covers, performing any combination of following duties: Moves overhead crane to position steel mold sections reinforcing cage on pallet, and to insert mold core and pouring plate. 2. Fastens mold sections together, using wrenches to tighten screw clamps and bolts and nuts. 3. Positions manhole form into side of reinforcing cage and fastens manhole form with tie wire to provide side hole in manhole casting. 4. Inserts pins through apertures in mold to form holes in casting for insertion of hoisting bar. 5. Brushes or sprays mold and core with oil to prevent concrete from adhering. 6. Positions concrete-filled pouring bucket over pouring plate on top of mold, using hoist. 7. Strikes trip bar of bucket to release concrete onto pouring plate and into mold. 8. Bolts pneumatic vibrator to mold, using wrench, and starts vibrator to settle concrete in mold; or presses switch to start vibrator and holds internal vibrator with worm drive tube submerged in concrete to compress concrete poured in mold. 9. Places steam hoses inside filled mold, lowers curing box over mold with hoist or covers mold with canvas, and turns valves to admit steam to cure concrete. 10. Dismantles mold and core after concrete has cured. 11. Inserts and cements metal ladder rungs into precast holes inside manholes.


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