Concrete-float Maker Job

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Concrete-float Maker Job

CONCRETE-FLOAT MAKER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Performs any combination of following tasks concerned with fabricating and casting concrete moorage floats: Flattens, cuts, and bends rolled wire mesh to fabricate reinforcing cages, using flattening table, power cutters, bending table, and metal fastening clinchers. 2. Assembles and seals cardboard cartons for use as cores for buoyancy chambers, using masking tape and shellac. 3. Cuts reinforcing rods to specified length, using hydraulic cutters. 4. Erects and fastens steel form sections with connecting pins. 5. Settles concrete poured on bottom of form, using pneumatic vibrator. 6. Places pair of wire cages in steel form and positions with metal spacers. 7. Inserts cartons in cages. 8. Places pouring plate on mold over cages, shovels poured concrete from plate into sides around cages, and settles it with vibrator. 9. Lifts pouring plate aside and shoves rods into concrete to reinforce sides. 10. Fills space on top of cages with concrete and levels concrete with trowel. 11. Drives drainage tubes through top of tank into cartons, using hammer, and shoves fitting bolts into tank through holes in sides of mold. 12. Strips forms, using hammer and pry bar. 13. Sprays tank with sealer, using hand sprayer, and stamps trade name, using hand die.


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