Concentrator Operator Job

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Concentrator Operator Job

CONCENTRATOR OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Controls machines and equipment from instrumented control board to scrub, condition, float, classify, and convey phosphate rock for use in fertilizer and phosphoric acid: Monitors recording instruments, gauges, panel lights, and other indicators, and listens for warning signal to verify conformance to plant standards. 2. Turns screws and knobs on control board to adjust flow of reagents, airflow, phosphate-rock feed rate, and conveyor belts. 3. Observes flotation tanks to determine amount of sand clinging to rock, cyclones to detect presence of solids, and classifiers to detect wobble in or uneven feed rate of screw. 4. Reports belt weight, amount and evenness of feed rate, waterflow amount, and specific density of slurry to mine, using telephone. 5. Weighs samples from scrubber and conditioner to determine that amount of reagents in tank meets specifications. 6. Reviews laboratory test results and makes adjustments required on control board. 7. Inspects machines and equipment for potential and actual hazards, wear, leaks, and mechanical malfunctions requiring maintenance. 8. Collects samples at various stage of operation for laboratory analysis. 9. Records instrument readings, process conditions, and other operating data in shift log. 10. Manually regulates or shuts down equipment as directed by supervisor. 11. May tag samples collected for laboratory analysis. 12. May assist in making mechanical repairs to machines and equipment during shutdown.


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