Computerized Environmental Control Installer Job

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Computerized Environmental Control Installer Job

COMPUTERIZED ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL INSTALLER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Installs and repairs programmable, computer-based control systems for regulating residential and commercial environmental energy equipment, such as heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems, heat pumps, boilers, and chillers, applying knowledge of computer control systems and environmental energy equipment: Reads specifications, diagrams, and schematics detailing computer control installation requirements and existing environmental energy equipment design and layout. 2. Installs, mounts, and connects specified computer hardware, such as central processing unit, keyboard, CRT display, temperature sensor, analog to digital converter, and interconnect wiring to interface with environmental energy equipment control circuits, using handtools and power tools. 3. Types commands on input keyboard or inserts disk into disk drive to start and run computerized environmental control system through operating sequence. 4. Tests control circuits to verify system operation or diagnose malfunctions, using voltmeter and oscilloscope. 5. Isolates faults to computer controls or environmental energy units based on test results, specification data, and symptoms. 6. Tests circuitry of faulty computer controls, using voltmeter, oscilloscope, and logic analyzer to isolate malfunctions to circuit board. 7. Replaces faulty circuit boards, using handtools. 8. Maintains records of installation, test results, and repairs.


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