Computer Programmer Job

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Computer Programmer Job

COMPUTER PROGRAMMER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Converts data from project specifications and statements of problems and procedures to create or modify computer programs: Prepares, or receives from SYSTEMS ANALYST , detailed workflow chart and diagram to illustrate sequence of steps that program must follow and to describe input, output, and logical operations involved. 2. Analyzes workflow chart and diagram, applying knowledge of computer capabilities, subject matter, and symbolic logic. 3. Confers with supervisor and representatives of departments concerned with program to resolve questions of program intent, data input, output requirements, and inclusion of internal checks and controls. 4. Converts detailed logical flow chart to language processable by computer. 5. Enters program codes into computer system. 6. Inputs test data into computer. 7. Observes computer monitor screen to interpret program operating codes. 8. Corrects program errors, using methods such as modifying program or altering sequence of program steps. 9. Writes instructions to guide operating personnel during production runs. 10. Analyzes, reviews, and rewrites programs to increase operating efficiency or to adapt program to new requirements. 11. Compiles and writes documentation of program development and subsequent revisions. 12. May train workers to use program. 13. May assist COMPUTER OPERATOR to resolve problems in running computer program. 14. May work with SYSTEMS ANALYST to obtain and analyze project specifications and flow charts. 15. May direct and coordinate work of others to write, test, and modify computer programs.


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