Computer Operator Job

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Computer Operator Job

COMPUTER OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates computer and peripheral equipment to process business, scientific, engineering, or other data, according to operating instructions: Enters commands, using keyboard of computer terminal, and presses buttons and flips switches on computer and peripheral equipment, such as tape drive, printer, data communications equipment, and plotter, to integrate and operate equipment, following operating instructions and schedule. 2. Loads peripheral equipment with selected materials, such as tapes and printer paper for operating runs, or oversees loading of peripheral equipment by peripheral equipment operators. 3. Enters commands to clear computer system and start operation, using keyboard of computer terminal. 4. Observes peripheral equipment and error messages displayed on monitor of terminal to detect faulty output or machine stoppage. 5. Enters commands to correct error or stoppage and resume operations. 6. Notifies supervisor of errors or equipment stoppage. 7. Clears equipment at end of operating run and reviews schedule to determine next assignment. 8. Records problems which occurred, such as down time, and actions taken. 9. May answer telephone calls to assist computer users encountering problem. 10. May assist workers in classifying, cataloging, and maintaining tapes.


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