Computer-controlled-color-photograph-printer Operator Job

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Computer-controlled-color-photograph-printer Operator Job

COMPUTER-CONTROLLED-COLOR-PHOTOGRAPH-PRINTER OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates computerized photofinishing equipment to produce color photographic prints from negatives: Develops test film strip and prints test photographic prints from negative at specified intervals, using film processing and printing equipment, to ensure photofinishing equipment functions according to processing standards. 2. Tests film strip and prints for conformance to color density values, using densitometer. 3. Plots and records reading on charts and compares results with standards to ascertain color balance deviation and need for program changes, following processing control manual. 4. Keys program changes into computer and posts changes in processing log to maintain record of changes. 5. Measures and mixes specified chemicals and transfers solutions to reservoirs of photofinishing equipment. 6. Reads customer photofinishing order to ascertain film type, number of prints desired, and delivery date and to determine machine settings and lens requirement for printing photos. 7. Replaces lens and negative carrier in printer according to film type to be processed. 8. Adjusts controls to regulate frame and paper size. 9. Scans computer display unit to ensure specified program mode is operational and inputs code changes. 10. Keys in billing information according to film type and number of exposures to be printed. 11. Positions negatives in frame of carrier and depresses pedal to actuate printing action. 12. Examines prints for variations from standards and keys in computer changes to maintain computer programming of color values in printing operation. 13. Removes customer sales slip from billing unit and attaches slip to envelope containing customer film and prints.


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