Compression-molding-machine Operator Job

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Compression-molding-machine Operator Job

COMPRESSION-MOLDING-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates compression molding machines to mold plastic and carbon, graphite, or copper powder products according to specifications: Installs dies on press, using clamps, bolts, and handtools, and coats dies with parting agents, according to work order. 2. Sets thermostat to regulate temperature of dies. 3. Weighs premixed compounds and dumps compound into die well, spreads fabric on die and dumps compound over fabric, or fills hoppers of machines that automatically supply compound to dies during machine operation, using scoop. 4. Presses button or pulls lever to activate machines to compress compounds between dies to form and cure specified products. 5. Removes cured products from mold, using handtools and airhose. 6. Observes machine operation and examines products ejected by machines to determine whether products meet specifications, using calipers. 7. Turns pressure control knobs, bolts, and handwheels to adjust machines. 8. May mix catalysts and coloring pigments with plastic compound, using paddle and mixing machine. 9. May operate compression molding machines to form product under pressure only and be designated Cold-Molding-Press Operator. 10. May be designated Press Operator, Carbon Products.


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