Composition-stone Applicator Job

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Composition-stone Applicator Job

COMPOSITION-STONE APPLICATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Casts composition stone and applies it over surfaces of structures to provide decorative coating: Nails tar paper and lath over wall to be covered. 2. Mixes and spreads mortar over lath with trowel, to form base for precast stone. 3. Measures wall surface and marks lines with straightedge to lay out prescribed pattern. 4. Lines interiors of molds with treated paper to prevent sticking and sprinkles pulverized coloring over paper. 5. Fills molds with composition-stone mixture to produce stones of various sizes and shapes and allows mixture to set and absorb coloring. 6. Positions molds along guidelines on wall, according to prescribed sequence for color and size. 7. Presses molds in place to force out surplus water and to set stone. 8. Removes molds and peels paper from surface when precast stone and mortar have hardened. 9. Trims precast stone with caulking trowel, to fit corners, edges, and other structural shapes. 10. Directs workers who mix mortar for plaster and composition stone, and prepares molds, following factory specifications. 11. May smooth surfaces with waterproofing tool and buffer.


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