Company Laborer Job

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Company Laborer Job

COMPANY LABORER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Works in underground or surface mine, pit, or quarry, or at tipple, mill, or preparation plant, performing any combination of following tasks: Cleans working areas and haulage tracks; digs and maintains drainage ditches; or shovels muck, ore, coal, or rock aside, into cars, or onto conveyors. 2. Pushes loaded mine cars from working face to haulage road and couples cars together for transportation to surface. 3. Positions and adjusts bits on drill shaft and places cables, jacks, roof bolts, and related equipment in specified locations. 4. Trims protrusions from walls and roofs of underground passageways and rooms. 5. Strips residue of rock and dirt from exposed coal, ore, or rock formations. 6. Loads, separates, or sorts materials at working face, using shovel or wheelbarrow. 7. Throws calcium or salt around interiors of railroad cars to prevent coal or ore from freezing to cars during winter. 8. May be known according to specific work performed as Car Cleaner; Car Salter; Loader; Mucker; Shoveler; Stripper; Trimmer.


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