Commutator Assembler Job

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Commutator Assembler Job

COMMUTATOR ASSEMBLER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Fabricates and undercuts commutators for electric motors and generators, using stacking and holding fixtures, handtools, metalworking machines, and measuring devices: Cuts copper bars of specified thickness into designated lengths and widths, and cuts sheet mica into separators, sleeves, and collars, using power saw. 2. Stacks bars, separated by mica inserts, in stacking sleeve and aligns bars, using dial indicator and mallet. 3. Places bar and mica assembly in fixture and presses assembly together, using hydraulic press. 4. Heats assembly in oven to soften insulation and presses heated assembly to specified circumference, using press. 5. Positions mica collars at ends of bar assembly, and if V-ring is used, presses ring against collar, using arbor press. 6. Secures assembly with bolts and nuts or threaded ring, using wrenches or hammer and drift. 7. Mounts assembly in indexing fixture on circular saw or slotting machine, and undercuts mica or slots commutator risers to specified depth. 8. Removes burrs, chips, and foreign matter from commutator, using picks, knives, cloths, solvent, or compressed air. 9. Connects leads to power source for testing commutator. 10. Touches leads from bars onto steel frame to ensure that commutator is not grounded or shorted. 11. May braze or solder resistor or capacitor leads to commutator. 12. May be designated according to operation performed as Commutator Undercutter; Commutator V-Ring Assembler.


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