Community Dietitian Job

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Community Dietitian Job

COMMUNITY DIETITIAN JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Plans, organizes, coordinates, and evaluates nutritional component of health care services for organization: Develops and implements plan of care based on assessment of nutritional needs and available sources and correlates plan with other health care. 2. Evaluates nutritional care and provides followup continuity of care. 3. Instructs individuals and families in nutritional principles, diet, food selection, and economics and adapts teaching plans to individual life style. 4. Provides consultation to and works with community groups. 5. Conducts or participates in in-service education and consultation with professional staff and supporting personnel of own and related organizations. 6. Plans or participates in development of program proposals for funding. 7. Plans, conducts, and evaluates dietary studies and participates in nutritional and epidemiologic studies with nutritional component. 8. Evaluates food service systems and makes recommendation for conformance level that will provide optional nutrition and quality food if associated with group care institutions. 9. May be employed by public health agency and be designated Nutritionist, Public Health.


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