Commanding Officer, Motorized Squad Job

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Commanding Officer, Motorized Squad Job

COMMANDING OFFICER, MOTORIZED SQUAD JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Directs and coordinates activities of members of motorized highway patrol who enforce state and municipal traffic laws and ordinances: Prepares reports on traffic conditions in patrol areas and recommends changes in traffic-control techniques and regulations to improve conditions. 2. Directs members in safe use and care of motorcycles or cars, and assigns personnel to patrol areas. 3. Evaluates work performance and disciplines immediate subordinates, and reviews evaluation of members of highway patrol unit for infraction of policy or procedures. 4. May review changes in policy or law related to division activities to determine required revisions in operating procedures, and implements revisions. 5. May prepare, or assign subordinate to prepare, revision of patrol training manual. 6. May be designated according to rank as Motorized-Squad Captain; Motorized-Squad Lieutenant; Motorized-Squad Sergeant. 7. In some municipalities, may coordinate activities of all personnel engaged in enforcing traffic laws, directing traffic, and investigating accidents and be designated Commanding Officer, Traffic Division.


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